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Author's Chair

Teacher Tammy has been refurbishing castoff chairs to use for the author's chair at the conclusion of writers' workshops. Lately, she has gone beyond refurbishing. This is a chair created for the dinosaur theme language arts unit. The dinosaur's green "crown" is an old purse. The scales are made from glittery foam. Tammy later filled the tail with stuffing.
Tammy really re-'fur'-bished this chair to make a caterpillar for a language arts theme on bugs and insects. The face is a little girl's broom. To make these creations, you need imagination, a hot glue gun, and several hours around midnight.
Tammy made this snowperson for the Sitka, Alaska Seventh-day Adventist School. It looks pretty warm and comfy next to the fire. I hope it doesn't melt.
This bug chair was made for the Enterprise, Oregon SDA school. The reader crawls through the body and then sits under the head to read. One student declared, "I'll read a book to get in that thing!" (Photo by Bridget Bechtel.)
The frog in technology author's chair features an antenna with little frogs crawling all over it. The seat is convertible into a long tongue. Blue fabric "water" will be placed around the bottom of the chair for performances.
The bear chair was barely found in time. Fortunately the Bayer aspirin was not needed.
Last update on December 6, 2016