WWC Faculty Online Learning Policies

The following policies have been approved by the WWU Distance Learning Committee as of May 25, 2004.

  • Minimum Course Enrollment 
    The distance course must have a minimum enrollment of six off-campus users for the instructor to receive regular course-load pay. No minimum enrollment is required for courses paid per student credit hour. Department chairs/School deans may adjust instructor course-loads to allow for instruction of smaller online courses. 
  • Maximum Course Enrollment 
    The distance course should have a maximum enrollment of 15 per section, unless special justification is given to raise or lower the enrollment limit.
  • New distance courses must be approved by the Distance Learning Committee and by Curriculum Committee (undergraduate courses) or Graduate Council (graduate courses) prior to listing in the course schedule.

Distance Learning Course Proposal Form

  • Course Development Grants (currently inactive)

To encourage development of new online courses, and to provide copyright protection to WWU, the college may, at the determination of the WWU Distance Learning Committee, provide course development grants to creators of new online courses.

  • The grant is only available to courses that have been submitted and approved by WWU Distance Learning Committee prior to being taught;
  • The grant is offered one time for each course, unless significant redesign is approved by the administration;
  • The university retains the right to use the course in any manner it may wish in the future, and the course creator retains the right to use the course in the future;
  • The university assumes no obligation to offer the course in the future;
  • The course creator agrees not to offer the course online for another institution while teaching at WWU;
  • The grant is offered to full-time faculty, unless special justification is given otherwise;
  • The grant is paid when the completed course has been taught, the class website is reviewed by the Director of Distance Learning, and the course creator signs a copyright agreement with WWU.

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