Final Exam Schedule

Download the exam schedule:

2014-15 Exam Schedule

2015-16 Exam Schedule

HOW TO READ THE SCHEDULE: Find your regular class meeting time in one of the first three columns and then go to the top of that column to find the exam date and to the right of that row to find the exam time.  If your class meeting time does not appear in this schedule, the exam will be arranged by the professor during finals week. Students may take examinations in sectioned classes with other sections by special arrangement with the instructor.

EXCEPTIONS TO THE SCHEDULE: If you have four examinations scheduled on the same day, or three consecutive exams without a break, you may reschedule one of these exams without charge. Fill out an Examination Change Request at the office of the associate academic vice president (ADM 336) by the Last Day to Withdraw from Classes (three weeks before the end of the quarter). Please make vacation plans to avoid conflicts with your final exams. If a conflict is unavoidable, you must submit an Examination Change Request to the office of the associate academic vice president, and you will be charged $100 for each exam that is rescheduled.

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