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Communication and Languages

Welcome to WWU Communication and Languages! Today’s world is built on communication and on the people who do it best. That’s why we teach languages, writing, speaking, and media of all kinds. Good communication happens when everyone gets their message across. So if you have talent with a pen, an eye for video, or good presence on the stage, consider a career that starts right here.



Your passion can be a career. Our professors believe in mentoring their students, so you receive the guidance you need to make the most of your education. A degree in communication can turn you into a powerful influence in your field, and learning a new language opens up countless social and job opportunities. Get in touch with a professor who specializes in your field >

We provide our students with opportunities to strengthen their skills. Do you want to be a better writer? Our Strategic Communication program will make it happen. Do you want to travel and immerse yourself in new cultures? Sign up for Global Communication, Spanish, or any of our other five languages and spend a term abroad. Do you want to tell stories through visual communication? Enroll in our Film/TV or Drama program. However you want to tell your stories, we’ll give you the tools you need. See what some of our alumni are up to in our student-produced newsletter >

When you study Communication and Languages, you're opening yourself up to a whole world of career opportunities. Take a wide range of classes to broaden your skills or tailor your course load to prepare yourself for the job you know you want. We prepare you for internships, so you never have to miss an opportunity. Take a look at the different areas you can study in our department >

Our degrees cover a wide range of fields, from video production and drama to journalism and international relations. All of them are rooted in communication, so you’ll always know what’s expected of you and you’ll always be able to share what’s important to you. Take a look at our programs and see which one is right for you:


  • Digital Media & Design Major (B.S)
  • Film, TV, and Media (B.S.)
  • Global Communication (B.A.)
  • Pre-Speech Language Pathology (A.S.)
  • Strategic Communication (B.A.)
  • Spanish (B.A.)


Academic Minors

  • Drama
  • Speech Communication 
  • Film & Television Production
  • Journalism
  • Global Communication
  • Spanish (In-Residence)
  • French, German, or Spanish
  • Italian, Portuguese, or Arabic


  • Professional Writing Certificate
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate

Graduate Degree

  • Master of Arts in Cinema, Religion, & Worldview

Our Master of Arts in Cinema, Religion, and Worldview combines top-quality instruction with professional filmmaking tools and a heavy emphasis on collaboration and networking.

Your classes will explore filmmaking from all sides: narrative, artistic, and technical. Whether you’re a new graduate or returning after many years, our knowledgeable professors will tailor your experience so you control the pace of your learning. Along with classes in web video, interactive filmmaking, and production, you’ll learn ways of sharing the gospel, foundations of Christian theology, and methods of audience research, all through a variety of cultural perspectives. Simply put, his M.A. degree gives film creators the skills they need to create powerful films to change their world. 

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Learn more about the Master of Arts program in Cinema, Religion, and Worldview >

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