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Semi-Popular and Popular Publications

Book Review Articles

  • "The Imperfect Speech of Inspiration." Spectrum 12:4 (June 1982), 48-55. A review of: Rea, Walter T. The White Lie. Turlock, CA: M & R Publications, 1982.
  • "Are Adventists Afraid of Bible Study?" Spectrum 16:1 (April 1985), 56-60 A review of: Rice, George E. Luke, a Plagiarist? Nampa, ID: Pacific Press, 1983.
  • "En Route to a `Plain Reading' of Scripture." Spectrum 26:4 (January 1998): 50-52. A review of: Koranteng-Pipim, Samuel. Receiving the Word. Berrien Springs, MI: Berean Books, 1996.
  • "A Kinder, Gentler Ellen White." Spectrum 27:1 (Winter 1999): 58-65. A review of: Douglass, Herbert, Messenger of the Lord: The Prophetic Ministry of Ellen G. White. Nampa, ID: Pacific Press, 1998.
  • "Gored by Every Sharp Tongue?" Spectrum 29:3 (Summer 2001): 68-71. A review article of:
    • Knight, George, A Search for Identity: The Development of Seventh-day Adventist Beliefs. Hagerstown, Md: Review and Herald, 2000.
    • Poehler, Rolf, Continuity and Change in Christian Doctrine. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1999.
    • ________. Continuity and Change in Adventist Teaching. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2000.
  • "A Meticulous Scholarly Work." Review of Herold Weiss, A Day of Gladness: The Sabbath among Jews and Christians in Antiquity (Columbia, South Caroline: University of South Carolina Press, 2003). Spectrum 32:1 (Winter 2005), 69-71.
  • "Fireworks in the Holy of Holies." Spectrum 33:1 (Winter 2005), 76-72 (review of Clifford Goldstein's Graffiti in the Holy of Holies.)


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