2021 Tour Costs

The total cost for this nearly four-week study tour is ONLY $6,500 (plus $1,950 for airfare)—almost the exact amount you would pay for taking eight hours of credit at the University. And if that was not enough, the trip gives you much more for your money: accommodations in 4 and 5 star hotels in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey, all meals in Egypt and Jordan, and breakfast and dinner (and lunch on Sabbath) in Israel and Turkey, a private a/c motor-coach, all entrance fees, and professional English speaking tour guides. All you need is a little extra money for lunch, souvenirs, and the cost of the necessary visas (see below)! You literally cannot afford NOT to go! This is a chance of a lifetime. View pictures from the 2011 student tour on the Bible Studies Tour Web page.

Our 2021 Bible Lands Study Tour begins on June 20 and ends when we return to the US on July 16.

Current Visa Costs or US Citizens:

Israel - Free 
Jordan - Exit Visa Tax $15
Turkey - $50 (USA)  
Egypt - $25

TOUR DEPOSITS: A $650 deposit is required to confirm your reservation on the tour. The cost for the round trip international ticket is $1,950. This includes three international flights. Two remaining deposits are required to cover the balance of the plane ticket. A second deposit of $650 is due by December 16, 2020. The final balance of the deposit is due February 1, 2021.  Deposits are refundable before February 1, 2021 due to our airfare confirmation. After February 1, I would only be able to refund your deposits, if I can find another person to take your place. This has not been a problem in the past.

NOTE: If our trip needed to cancel due to COVID-19 concerns before March 15, we would refund all deposits. If Covid-19 concerns effected our trip after March 15, we would reschedule our trip.


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Upcoming tour:

Bible Lands Study Tour 2021 - CANCELLED DUE TO COVID
Our next tour is scheduled for June /July 2023

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