Contact info and brief biography of our design faculty. 

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Jefre Humbert

Instructor of Product Design

(503) 622-4544

B.S.—Walla Walla University

Jefre’s formal education is varied. He has a B.S. in Elementary Education and minors in Biology, Math, and Industrial Arts. Jefre’s passions are teaching, product design, and manufacturing. He has started a couple of companies that create custom molds, as well as developing software for various schools. Jefre has a great attitude towards teaching and combined with his industry knowledge on computer aided design and manufacturing he is a great addition to the Product Design program.

    Logan Seibold

    Instructor of Product Design

    (509) 527-2695

    B.S. - Walla Walla University 2021

    Logan was born and raised in Kansas. He enjoyed working at camp during the summers. He had some involvement with ASWWU and worked as a TA for the Department of Technology for most of his college career. He wants to nurture a creative community in the CTC and a welcoming learning environment where all his students learn to see the world and think like designers.

    Logan likes climbing, hiking, swimming, and running, and generally anything that pushes his physical fitness or challenges him in a healthy way. One of his favorite subjects is film—He loves learning about the filmmaking process and the dozens of artistic disciplines it takes to tell a story on-screen. He also like reading, and he's trying to read more books this year. Generally he likes creating and making things, most often in a visual medium. Listening to music, especially folk and bluegrass, is a great source of joy for him, so he is trying to learn guitar. 

    Teaching: Product design

    Nathanael McCoy

    Instructor of Product Design

    (509) 527-2212

    Nathanael Charles McCoy was born and raised in Idaho and educated in Washington. Some time spent outside of these two states was in the northwest mountains of Texas, and yes, there are mountains in Texas…and several weeks, his favorite, in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

    35+ years have been spent in the AG Aircraft Industry working for companies that manufactured the “first” successful Guidance Sys for Ag Aircraft. The Bridgeport Mill and a “Cadillac” Lathe were his close “friends” and with their help he gained all of his knowledge in metal working.

    Currently, his “loves” are fine craftsmanship in wood, metal, and fabric/leather. Cycling has been a life-long pursuit and being in the mountains is the high point of any week. Being active is his passion and whether by wheel, sole, or oar, he is all in!

    Last but not least, he honors the Creator of the Universe for His Guidance and imparted Wisdom experienced through the “snap shot” of my life set down here— the credit goes to Him for any successes.

    Dan Wolcott

    Instructor of Technology


    Dan has spent most of his life working in and around construction. For the past 34 years he wakes up, still looking forward to work. Working for himself at Sheridan Woodworking, Dan builds custom cabinetry and furniture. Recently, Dan got the opportunity to teach what he knows to students as they develop their minds for a degree and a job. He considers teaching to be the highlight of his working week. He feels that he is blessed by God and the University to trust him with the task

    Josie Henderson

    Instructor of Graphic Design

    (509) 527-2712

    B.A.—Walla Walla University–2018

    M.A.—Walla Walla University–2020

    Since coming to Walla Walla University in 2014, Josie has worked as a writer, designer, editor, filmmaker, producer, director, website creator and manager, TV show host, photographer, and contract faculty member. She spent most of her academic years working as an office clerk for Academic Records writing letters, creating newsletters, and updating PeopleSoft’s database in addition to her roles in media. She has also worked as an administrative assistant for the Office of Graduate Studies and interned at a hospital marketing office. Josie loves to volunteer for outreach projects and has done so for the past several years with a local women’s ministry team, a Vacation Bible School team, and a new devotional production team. Josie loves to be outdoors exploring the countryside at her family’s ranch hiking or riding four-wheelers. She has a deep love for music and enjoys passing time at the piano, with a guitar or singing with a church group. She loves to keep up with films, TV shows, and magazines, but most of all she likes to visit with family and friends.