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Department of Technology

The department offers two bachelor degrees, an associates degree, and four minors. Contact Academic Advisement if you have questions: (509) 517-2132.

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Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Science Graphic Design Major

Graphic Design is considered a broad field of study. There are many different types of design—packaging, signage, documents, books, logos, and digital publishing, such as eBooks and digital magazines. Or, a designer may focus on a single interest. Regardless, all these various design disciplines have common threads.

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Bachelor of Science Product Design Major

This major focuses on the design of user-friendly products and systems. Through an insight-driven design process, students develop meaningful and innovative products. Students work in a studio environment where collaboration and critical thinking are encouraged. Product Design at Walla Walla University is at the nexus of innovation and human-centered design. Students are taught how to innovate through a process of research, discovery, insight development, ideation, prototyping, rendering, and manufacturing.

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Associate Degree

Associate of Science Graphic Design

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Associate of Science Product Design

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Graphic Design Minor

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Photography Minor

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Technology Minor

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Web Design Minor

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