Contact info and brief biography of our aviation faculty. 

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Nathaniel Sanchez

Director of Aviation

(509) 527-2323

B.S.—Walla Walla University—2023

Nathaniel was most recently employed as a flight instructor for WWU and Part-Time Aviation Professor teaching classes to spark the interest of aviation in his students. Prior to working at WWU he was working as a scenic pilot and flight instructor in the Pudget Sound. His goal is to provide an environment for students that they not only become stellar pilots but develop crucial life skills as they grow in their aviation journey here at WWU. 

Interesting Tidbit: Flying seems to be a trend for Nathaniel, as he enjoys FLY-fishing in the Blue Mountains when he has the opportunity. 

Stan Holm

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

(509) 527-2323

A&P/IA—Colorado Aero Tech—1976

Stan was most recently self-employed as the owner of Blue Ridge Aircraft Service in Walla Walla before joining the WWU aviation team. Prior to working at Blue Ridge Aircraft, he was employed by Computer Networking Service as a corporate pilot and mechanic. Prior to that, he was employed as shop foreman at Flightcraft in Seattle who was the Beechcraft dealer for the Northwest.

Interesting Tidbit: Stan grew up in the tropics, the son of missionary parents in Indonesia.  He has traveled extensively throughout his life, even being rewarded with a tour of duty in Vietnam, courtesy of the taxpayer.   

Darryl Penney 

Flight Training Manager

(509) 527-2723

Doctor of Chiropractic -Palmer College of Chiropractic -1988

Darryl was most recently employed By Andrews University as Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for the past 10 years. He joins the WWU Aviation Team having held his Instructor certificate for 41 Years.
Interesting Tidbit: After so much time teaching Darryl thinks teaching people to fly is “NEW EVERY DAY”!