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Social Work Major (Bachelor of Social Work)

Students enrolled in the professional curriculum must complete a total of 192 quarter hours, including the general studies requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree, the core requirements (85 quarter hours) in the areas of social work, sociology, and psychology, and cognates (12 quarter hours) in economics, human biology, and political science. The core requirements include 12 hours of field practicum the senior year, which involves 420 clock hours in a supervised professional social work practice setting. In addition, SOWK 495, Colloquium, is required of all junior and senior social work majors while in residence. Senior students are required to take the School of Social Work and Sociology comprehensive examination.

Core Requirements:

PSYC130General Psychology4
SOCI204General Sociology4
SOCI236Privilege and Oppression4
SOCI451Research Methods4
SOCI452, 453Research Practicum I, II2
SOWK234Current Social Problems4
SOWK260Human Behavior and The Social Environment I3
SOWK261Human Behavior and the Social Environment II3
SOWK264Introduction to Social Work4
SOWK266Structural History of Social Welfare4
SOWK350Field Practicum Orientation1
SOWK371Social Work Practice with Individuals4
SOWK372Social Work Practice with Small Groups4
SOWK373Social Work Practice With Couples and Families4
SOWK375Policy and Advocacy Practice for Social Justice3
SOWK465Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities4
SOWK466Comparative Theories of Social Work Practice3
SOWK490Field Practicum12
  Social Work3-11
  Anthropology, Corrections, Sociology3-11
  Environmental Studies0-4
*Six colloquia required.**Electives may be chosen from classes with the following prefixes: SOWK, SOCI, CORR, ANTH. Electives may also be chosen from PSYC 247, 344, 370, 373, 447, 466, 492, ENVI 151, or ENVI 385.85


ECON204Fundamentals of Economics4
PLSC224American Government4
Choose one of the following:4
BIOL105Contemporary Biology 
BIOL121Anatomy and Physiology 
BIOL141General Biology 
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