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Student Resources

Welcome, students! As the MSW Program Coordinator, I am pleased and very excited about your decision to advance your educational and career goals with us.  We are honored to have a role in the realization of your plans and aspirations.  To ensure that this important journey begins and remains a smooth one, we have enclosed the following documents and information:

1.  Advising: Your Advisor supports your educational development and success in the Master’s Program. We assign your Advisor to you. Working closely with your Advisor, we approach your education holistically, considering academics, field education and any life issues that may impact your graduate school performance.

2. The Miniature Guide to critical Thinking Concepts & Tools, 7th edition

3. Code of Ethics of the National Associations of Social Workers

4. Health Insurance Information

5. Technology Support

6. LibrariesSocial Work Resources and Finding your way in the library

7. WWU Calendar of Events

8. Writing Guidelines

9. Navigating D2L Online Program

10. Walla Walla Visitor Guide, Billings, MT visitor guide and Missoula, MT. visitor guide

Last update on October 23, 2017