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Field Practicum


Field practicum is the internship portion of the bachelors and masters level social work programs. Students work with experienced social work professionals in social services agencies to integrate classroom knowledge, skills, values, and research with agency experiences. A wide variety of agency settings and well-qualified field instructors make it possible for the School of Social Work to individualize the practice interests of students. A satisfactory field experience depends on the joint efforts of the student, field instructor, and field liaison. The student actively participates in identifying his/her learning needs and shaping the educational process. Together, the field instructor and the field liaison help the student make optimal use of the agency's learning opportunities and integrate classroom and field content. The field faculty are here to assist you in finding an appropriate placement for your learning needs. The Field Practicum section of the School's website provides a wealth of information for students, field liaisons, and field instructors. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.



Last update on August 29, 2016