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Nursing Club


The Nursing Club is open to all freshman and sophomore nursing majors.  The primary purpose of this club is to provide nursing majors with information, support and opportunities for socialization together. Typically, there is 2-3 major club events per quarter.  Examples of past events include:

  • BBQ's and picnics
  • Movie nights
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Ice cream/frozen yogurt socials
  • Soup nights
  • Friday night vespers
  • Study clubs
  • Service days
  • Beauty and the Geek (co-event planned with the Engineering club)


Officers are elected to plan events and meetings.



Nursing Club Officers:

President - Inez Aguirre

Vice President - TBD

Spiritual Vice President - TBD

Secretary - TBD

Treasurer - TBD

Transfer Student Representative - TBD

Freshman Class Representative - TBD


Nursing Club Sponsor:

Kari Firestone



Last update on September 18, 2017