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Steps to reapply to the School of Nursing

  1. Submit a new application to WWU online. 
  2. When you reach the point in the application where you must pay the application fee, stop and call the Enrollment office and ask to have the fee waived. Explain that you are reapplying. This step must be done during business hours. Call the enrollment office at: (509) 527-2327.
  3. Submit a new School of Nursing Application online. Please include in your new essay what you have done since you last applied. Find the nursing application online.  
  4. Submit any transcripts for new coursework taken since last application.
  5. Nursing entrance testing does not need to repeated if previously passed. If you wish to retest to improve your scores, sign up for testing.
  6. Prior references will be accepted.  

Note:  Previous applications are only kept for 2 years. If your application was older than that, you must submit all new materials.

Last update on February 26, 2019