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About the Portland, OR Campus

The Portland campus is located on the east side of the city of Portland, in northwestern Oregon.

The campus is comprised of two main buildings:

  • a nursing education building
  • a residence hall


The nursing education building, located at 10345 SE Market Street, Portland, OR 97216, houses a lobby and faculty offices, classrooms, a nursing skills lab, a student lounge, and a library.






Howard F. Hansen Hall


The residence hall (Hansen Hall) has rooms for men and women in separate areas. Additionally, residents have use of a TV room, and exercise room, and a small kitchen.  Large bathrooms are located at the end of the hallways.  There are about 65 junior and 65 senior nursing students.  Of these, approximately 52 are residents.



Portland Faculty and Staff



Lucille Krull, Dean

Emilie Butler, Medical-Surgical Nursing

Debbie Lampson, Community Health Nursing

Michelle MacLachlan, Clinical Contracts

Douglas McClay, Librarian

Julie Kamada, Mental Health Nursing

Michaelynn Paul, Critical Care Nursing

Karen Tetz, Chronic Illness Nursing

Jan Vigil, Student Advisor

Lynn Wagner, Obstetric & Pediatric Nursing



Carol Healy, Office Manager

Annette Riebe, Dean of Residence & Student Life

Last update on October 11, 2017