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Deans Welcome


Welcome to the School of Nursing at Walla Walla University!  We are delighted that you are interested in our nursing program.  We are very proud of our long history of helping to develop strong Christian nurses.  In fact, 2017 will mark the 120th anniversary of the start of this nursing program.  Our program has several distinct elements that we think makes our graduates special. 

1.      Our faculty:  The Nursing faculty are a wonderful group of dedicated nurses who work closely with students to help them succeed.

2.     Our curriculum:  The Nursing curriculum includes several innovated classes that other nursing programs do not include.  Just a couple of these are:  Nursing of the Chronically Ill and Advanced Acute Nursing.  These courses really prepare our graduates to care for patient outside the acute care setting as well as in a critical care setting. 

3.     Clinical Experience:  The Nursing curriculum includes almost 1000 hours of clinical experience and skills practice.  We pride ourselves in making sure that these hours are not observational experiences.  In the senior year, students are expected to take on the role of their preceptor and function like a member of the staff.

4.     Preparation for the Licensing Exam (NCLEX-RN):  We want students to finish the program ready to take the NCLEX with only a minimum of review after graduation.  Preparation for this all important exam is imbedded all throughout the nursing courses.  Preparation culminates into a NCLEX Review course taken in the last quarter of the program. 

I invite you to learn more by examining our website and then to contact the School of Nursing on the campus of your choice.  We’ll help you see how you might fit into our program best.  

Lucille Krull, RN, PhD                                                                       Dean, School of Nursing

Last update on August 25, 2016