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Music scholarships

University Days Scholarships
The Department of Music at Walla Walla University offers a limited number of scholarships for incoming and continuing music students. The first opportunity for prospective students takes place each spring duringUniversity Days, when we hold scholarship auditions. DVD auditions are also considered if received by the deadline.

These auditions serve to introduce applicants to the music faculty and provide the possibility of a music scholarship of up to $6,000 for the first year of music studies and ensemble participation at Walla Walla University. The University Days scholarships for wind, brass, percussion, and string players are awarded for participation in the wind symphony or the symphony orchestra upon enrollment at Walla Walla University, and awards to vocalists are for participation in the university choirs and voice lessons. Keyboard players who receive a University Days scholarship will enroll in lessons and serve as departmental accompanists, while guitarists will also enroll in lessons if awarded a University Days scholarship.

To schedule an audition during University Days, please complete the application form and submit it by the deadline as instructed on the form. All University Days music scholarship decisions are made after both March and April auditions are completed.

Organ Scholarships
Students who have advanced keyboard skills and are interested in accompanying the university choirs as an organist are encouraged to apply for the organ scholarship specifically designated for this purpose. Please contact Dr. Kraig Scott at for more information regarding the organ scholarship.

Music Lesson Fees Waiver Scholarships for Music Majors
Students who choose to major in music qualify for a music lesson fees waiver scholarship once they have successfully completed Theory I and Ear Training I, and they have attained major status through an applied examination (jury). The scholarship is applied only to those lessons that are needed to complete requirements for the major in music, and students must maintain good standing as majors to remain eligible. The fee for one credit of music lessons is $175 per credit (2017-2018), which means the total scholarship amount of this type for music majors is in the range of $2100-$3500 over at least four years, depending on the degree track selected. Additional information is provided in the WWU Financial Bulletin (2017-2018, page 17). 

Endowed Scholarships
Generous donors have given funds for scholarships to support music students in our program. Consideration for these awards takes place each year in the spring, and the recipients are announced during the Awards CommUnity during the spring quarter. Eligibility for these awards is based on student ability and achievement, demonstrated need, and the guidelines provided by each endowment. 

Other scholarships
Prospective music students should apply for the achievement scholarships for first-time freshmen offered by Walla Walla University. It is one of the largest scholarships available and should be considered in a student’s complete financial aid package when calculating the total cost of a college education. Special scholarships for transfer students are also available.

Last update on March 13, 2018