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Honors General Studies Program

The program offers a group of interdisciplinary courses encouraging independent research, writing, and discussion. 

The honors program is a separate track of general studies and not a major or minor in itself. Honors courses have a flavor distinctly different from the regular general studies courses because they use primary source material more extensively than textbooks to enhance the development of independent thinking. Honors courses follow an interdisciplinary approach to stress the unity of knowledge. The classes are more personalized and typically smaller than general studies classes.  Some courses are team taught.

Benefits: Students enrolled in the Honors Program receive a renewable scholarship totaling $5000. Click on the “Honors Scholarship” link for more information.

Teaching Faculty

Terrie Dopp Aamodt, Chair        (History)
Linda Emmerson                       (Philosophy)
Larry Aamodt                            (Engineering)
Beverly Beem                            (English)
Karen Clausen - Brown             (English)
Kellie Bond                                (English)
Montgomery Buell                     (History)
Roy Campbell                            (Physics)
Carl Cosaert                             (Theology)
Cheris Current                          (Social Work & Sociology)
Gregory Dodds                         (History)
Paul Dybdahl                            (Theology)
Tom Ekkens                              (Physics)
Terrell Gottschall                       (History)
Ron Jolliffe                                (English)
Dan Lamberton                        (Humanities / English)
Pedrito Maynard-Reid               (Theology)
Dave Thomas                            (Theology)

Last update on October 30, 2017