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Contact info and brief biography
of our faculty. 


Greg Dodds, Chair

Professor of History

(509) 527-2851
ADM 233

Professor Dodds’s bio

Twitter: @gddodds


Teaching: Medieval and early modern Europe, History of Christianity, Science and the Enlightenment, women and society in early modern Europe, History of England, Western Thought, and summer study tours in England.

Specialties: Early Modern Europe, the History of Christianity, Desiderius Erasmus, post-reformation England. 
Dodds full CV can be found at:

Current Research: The Common People and Religious Toleration in Restoration England.

Education: Ph.D. History - Claremont Graduate University (2004). M.B.A - Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management (2000).

Other Activities: Dodds is the chair of the community council for the Walla Walla Children's Home Society. He is also the chair of the Roger's Elementary school board. He is an executive officer of the Erasmus of Rotterdam Society. 

Interests: Family, travel, golf, water sports.

Terrie Aamodt

Professor of History

(509) 527-2784
ADM 236

Professor Aamodt's bio

Teaching: U. S. History, American Government, Civil War and Reconstruction, Colonial and Revolutionary America, Recent American History, America Overseas, the African-American Experience, American History and Visual Culture, Baseball and American Culture.

Specialty: Civil War and Reconstruction; Visual Culture.

Current Research: American religious women; post-Civil War politics and visual culture.

Awards: President's Award for Excellence in Research, 2014. President's Award for Excellence in Research, 2002.  President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1999.  Burlington Northern Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1988.  Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, 1994.

Education: Ph.D., American and New England Studies, Boston University, 1986.

Interests: Family adventure travel; skiing. 

Hilary Dickerson

Professor of History

(509) 527-2065 
ADM 232

Professor Dickerson's bio

Teaching: History of the U.S., Modern East Asian History, Spain and Latin America, History of the Pacific Northwest, Western Thought.

Specialties: Twentieth Century American History; Japan, particularly from the Meiji-Era to the American Occupation; America during World War II and the Cold War; US foreign policy.

Current Research: Cultural exchanges between Japan and the U.S. from the 1920s-1950s, particularly focused on the lives on Nobuo Tatsuguchi and B.P. Hoffman.

Education: Ph.D. in U.S. History, Washington State University (2011); M.A. in American Studies, Washington State University (2004).

Other Activities: Member-at-Large, Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast Board.

Interests: Family, travel, literature, camping, cooking.

Linda Emmerson

Instructor of Philosophy

(509) 527-2492
ADM 226

Professor Emmerson’s bio

Teaching: Introduction to Philosophy, Essentials of Critical Reasoning, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, History of Philosophy, and Philosophy Seminar

Specialty: Ethics in Ancient Philosophy

Current Areas of Research: The relevance of the moral theories of Aristotle, Epicurus, and Epictetus for contemporary ethical discourse. The influence of ancient Greek and Roman thinkers upon the formation of Christian doctrine

Interests: Spending time with family, cooking, needlework, quilting, hiking

Timothy Golden

Professor of Philosophy
Director, Legal Studies
Director, Donald Blake Center

(509) 527-2217
ADM 235

Professor Golden's bio

Teaching: Intro to Philosophy, Essentials of Critical Reasoning, History of Philosophy, Existentialism, Phenomenology, African-American Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Social/Political Philosophy, and Philosophy and the Bible

Specialties: Kant and 19th/20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion/Philosophical Theology, African-American Philosophy/Critical Race Theory 

Current Research: Constitutional Law, Individual Rights, and Critical Race Theory.

Education: Ph.D. Philosophy - University of Memphis (2011). M.A. - West Chester University of Pennsylvania (2006).

Other Activities: Practicing Law in the Federal Court of Appeals

Interests: Acting and Cooking 

Terry Gottschall

Professor of History

(509) 527-2863
ADM 227

Professor Gottschall's bio

Teaching: Western Civilization, Modern European History, Classical History, World War II, Baseball and American Popular Culture, and East Asian History.

Specialty: 19th-century German naval history.

Awards: Teacher of the Year Award at Andrews University (1982); the Zapara Award for Excellence in Teaching (1991); and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship, Walla Walla College (2004).

Education: MA - Washington State University (1975). 
Thesis Title: The State Ascendant: Church State Relations During the Reign of Otto the Great, 936-973.
Ph.D. Recent German History - Washington State University (1981).  

Interests: Notgeld, and early history of baseball in the Walla Walla Valley.

Monique Vincent

Assistant Professor of History
Administrative Assistant

(509) 527-2853 
ADM 228

Professor Vincent's bio

Teaching: Ancient Near East, Western Thought, Physical Geography

Specialties: History and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East; Households and Communities of the Iron Age Southern Levant (circa 1200 BC)

Current Research: Iron Age Households at Khirbat al-Balua, Jordan (co-director of the Balua Regional Archaeological Project)

Education: Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago (2016)

Other Activities: Vice President of the Walla Walla Society of the Archaeological Institute of America; Publications Manager for the Madaba Plains Project - Tall al-Umayri excavation report series

Interests: Travel, knitting, cooking

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