Philosophy minor

The philosophy minor provides a framework for students to develop critical thinking skills, to study major figures and schools in the history of philosophy, to draw connections between philosophy and other disciplines, and to analyze moral, spiritual, metaphysical, epistemological, and logical questions and issues. The minor in philosophy enhances student preparation for graduate programs in any field.

If you ...

  • are intellectually curious
  • are interested in developing an understanding of both sides of an issue
  • want to develop strong written and communication skills

The philosophy minor is a good fit for you.

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What is philosophy?

Philosophy is an attempt to give rational description to all that is. Philosophy subjects itself to its own criticism.

What do I do with a minor in philosophy?

Having a minor in Philosophy will enhance your college degree and/or career of choice in a variety of ways.  Here are a few articles that support this assertion:

Philosophy Club

President: Savannah Pardo
Sponsor: Dr. Timothy J. Golden



Tim Golden

Dr. Timothy Golden brings a great deal of professional experience acquired while practicing law in the Federal Court of Appeals, which he continues to enjoy doing so today. His Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Memphis and Masters Degree in Philosophy from West Chester University of Pennsylvania make him exceptionally qualified for academics as well. Dr. Golden is also the director of the legal studies program.