Legal Studies minor

The legal studies minor provides students with a strong fundamental knowledge of legal processes in America. This all-new program is designed for students from a variety of majors. It focuses on developing strong writing and research skills and preparing students for practical application in their field.

If you ...

  • study history, business, social work, communication and languages, or elementary education
  • want to know more about America's legal system
  • are passionate about social justice
  • have an interest in public policy
  • are interested in pursuing law school

The legal studies minor might be a good fit for you.

Learn more about the legal studies minor course requirements.
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Students who earn a legal studies minor go in to a variety of fields.

  • social workers
  • business lawyers
  • journalists
  • education policy makers
  • attorneys
  • and more...


Tim Golden

Dr. Timothy Golden brings a great deal of professional experience acquired while practicing law in the Federal Court of Appeals, which he continues to enjoy doing so today. His Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Memphis and Masters Degree in Philosophy from West Chester University of Pennsylvania make him exceptionally qualified for academics as well. Dr. Golden, along with other professors, has crafted the Legal Studies Minor from a variety of different courses and subjects and has designed it to provide students with knowledge about the American legal system and to prepare them for Law school. Dr. Golden is also the director of the philosophy minor.