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Contact info and brief biography
of our Health and Physical Education faculty. 

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Marvin Denney, Chair

Professor of Health

(509) 527-2886

Marvin Denney is the chair of the Health and Physical Education Department as well as one of two pre-professional advisors on campus. Professor Denney is apart of the incredible group of employees that have been devoted to improving the academic experience of students for 20+ years. In addition to encouraging academic success, he is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle and helping students achieve ways to do so in their future careers; in this way, he truly exemplifies the words, "the door to a better, healthier life and showing others how to have it too."

Curtis Kuhlman

Professor of Health

(509) 527-2324

Curtis Kuhlman teaches a plethora of courses on campus, both in the realms of health and physical education alike. He teaches tumbling, jogging, racquetball, lifeguarding, and volleyball, as well as an upper division Health Seminar course. He is very passionate about health and wellness and his efforts have paid off. Kuhlman was recognized by the Blue Mountain chapter of the American Red Cross as the instructor "to certify more students in lifeguarding, CPR/AED, and first aid than any other instructor in their chapter."

Shirley Anderson

Professor of Health

(509) 527-2326

Shirley Anderson teaches a variety of health courses on campus, including Human Nutrition, Wellness for Living, Survey of Health, and Basic Therapy. In addition to teaching, she is involved in research of Depression in college students. She continues to collect data this year, and has done poster presentations for the annual ART and Science Health Promotion Conference. Health science students participate in this research on depression, allowing them firsthand experience as researchers. 

Rodd Strobel

Professor of Health

(509) 527-2338

Professor Rodd offers a Health Internship on campus as well as leads out physical activity courses, including Strength Training and Flag Ball. He has completed coursework for a master's degree in motor learning and control from Teachers College at Columbia University and is currently investigating the best way to learn to tide a reverse steering bicycle for his thesis. Strobel sums up his intent by saying, "Whole versus progressive-part practice methods for learning a novel variation of a well-learned skill."

Alongside professor Curtis Kuhlman, Strobel presented at the Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness Convention, an annual gathering of health, physical education, and wellness professionals from the western states. 

Linnae Hays

Professor of Health

(509) 527-2886

Professor Linnae Hays is the newest member to the Health and Physical Education Department team. Hays is devoted to promoting healthy lifestyle and passionate about creating fun and engaging ways for college students to stay fit. At WWU, she teaches the class aerobic rhythms, a high speed, active hour of a variety of challenging exercises. In addition to this class, she offers a weekly ball class in the university's WEC that is equally challenging and fun!

Last update on May 10, 2018