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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the name from?

A: Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology. With one blow from his hoof, he opened Mt. Helicon. Hippocrene, the fountain that inspires the Muses, flowed forth. Pegasus, soaring without captors into the heavens, represents the inspiration of all creativity and the freedom of the human spirit.

Q: What is the Pegasus Club?

A: Sponsored by the Walla Walla University English department, Pegasus club seeks to unite all those who long to soar on the wings of creativity and freedom, especially students and faculty who share a love of literature and the arts.

Q: Do you have to be an English major to join the club?

A: Any WWU student may join Pegasus. The club especially invites those who love poetry, reading, films, plays, coffee, chocolate, deep conversation, and great food. The membership fee of $20 may be charged to your account, provided you have no joined two organizations already. Non-members may attend most club events, but should expect to pay a fee for activities.

Q: What does the club do?

A: Parties: These combine games, food, and literature. Fall holds our annual Murder Mystery Party containing costumes, intrigue, and drama. The annual Death by Chocolate party combines mystery games, classic thrillers, and an entire menu of chocolate. Decadence to die for.

Films: Throughout the year the club hosts film nights. Different from standard fare on campus or in theatres, these films engage emotion and intellect, provoking thought and discussion.

Book Buys: Pegasus is about supporting the love of reading. Once a quarter club members receive a small credit at Earthlight Books in downtown Walla Walla on our book buy days. 

Coffee Days: WWU's Atlas is a place of study, campus hub-bub, and of course coffee. During the school year Pegasus gives club members a free drink at the Atlas on special coffee days.

Plays: Club members attend one or two local plays each year for little or not cost. Performances may include a private showing of one-act plays at WWU and a Shakespeare play or other classic at Whitman’s Harper Joy Theater. Club members can sign up for wwudrama season tickets at a reduced price.

Q: Why should I become a member of the Pegasus Club?

A: Members of Pegasus enjoy free admission to parties and films, along with substantially discounted admission to plays. Members also receive a free t-shirt at the end of the year, credit on book buy and coffee days, and a reduced fee for Gadfly, the English department’s annual poetry and art publication. Your membership fee is well spent!

Last update on November 7, 2017