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Ron Jolliffe

Professor of English

Ron Jolliffe, received his M.A in literature and film and his Ph.D in textual studies from Claremont Graduate University. He teaches literature film, and writing, with attention to the way images and texts about the "other" inform the viewer's/reader's local present. The stories people tell shape both the teller and the listener. Jolliffe believes that when people listen and speak empathically, the world becomes a better place. 

His teaching and research interests include using film (a) as an effective way to examine narrative structure (b) as the focus of College Writing Research papers, and (c) as a dialogue base toward understanding whole-person care for medical students. Films, or at least film clips, find their way into most of his classes. He directs the campus Film Studies minor.

Jolliffe is a native Northwesterner and graduate of Walla Walla University. His recent publications include two research volumes on gospel sources published by Peeters Press, Leuven, Belgium.

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