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Beverly Beem

Beverly Beem came to Walla Walla University in 1976 and declared it home. After graduating from Union College she received a M.A. from Andrews University and a Ph.D. in Renaissance Literature from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. She specialized in the devotional poets of the seventeenth-century, particularly George Herbert. Aside from her interest in Renaissance Literature, she teaches classes in Medieval Literature, Classical Literature, and Biblical Literature. She says that she gets to teach all the old stuff—“The older it is, the better I like it.”

Bev does most of her current scholarship in Old Testament Narrative—particularly the wild and woolly stories in the Book of Judges. She enjoys the challenge of interdisciplinary studies and team-taught a class with Kent Bramlett from the religion department on The Book of Judges. “Much of what we learn from the text depends on the questions we bring to it. By bringing together the different perspectives of literature, theology, archaeology, and history, we can see more clearly the richness and complexity of these great stories.” She is also working with Ginger Harwood from La Sierra University on an interdisciplinary project on the role of women in the early Adventist church. She was selected as the Distinguished Faculty Lecturer for fall of 2005 where she spoke about her search through the Review and Herald for the nineteenth century to discover the roots of Adventist spirituality.

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