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Requirements for English

The current bulletin is available on the WWU site for each department including English. It contains information about WWU, General Studies requirements, and information on requirements for a B.A. in English, options for concentrations, and information about teaching certification. It also contains information about a minor in English and a minor in film studies.

English Major (Bachelor of Arts)

A student majoring in English must complete 58 hours of ENGL, FILM, and WRIT courses, English cognates, the general studies program, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in this bulletin. To be considered for candidacy as an English major, a student must satisfactorily complete the required pre-candidacy courses with a minimum grade of B- in each course (ENGL 121, ENGL 122, ENGL 223 or HONR 141, HONR 142, HONR 243; ENGL 210, ENGL 211, ENGL 212; ENGL 234) and demonstrate competency in grammar with a grade of B- or higher in ENGL 184 or a minimum score of 75% on the grammar placement test, which serves as a challenge exam. No course may be repeated more than once in either the pre-candidacy or candidacy phases.

English majors will maintain an overall GPA of 2.75 in their major courses. Senior students are required to take the Major Field Test (MFT): Literature in English. Students planning to attend graduate school are advised to take the Graduate Record Examination, general and subject (English) sections.

Last update on October 10, 2017