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General Studies Literature

ENGL 184 Grammar and Style (3)
The study of grammar specifically designed to prepare students for the practical application of grammar to such fields as writing, editing, translation, and language study.

ENGL 204 Introduction to Literature (4)
Introduction to the art of reading and studying literature, emphasizing the methods of analyzing poetry, stories, and drama. Will not apply toward an English major.

ENGL 210, 211, 212 Survey of English and American Literature  (4, 4, 4)
A survey of English and American literature and literary history from Anglo-Saxon times to the present. The first quarter covers Anglo-Saxon, medieval, and renaissance literature; the second quarter, neoclassic and romantic literature; and the third quarter, 19th-century and 20th-century literature. Open only to English majors, minors, and humanities majors, or by permission of the instructor.

ENGL 214 Themes in Literature (4)
Introduction to the study of literature in a basic literary theme or genre. Specific subjects to be studied vary from quarter to quarter; see Class Schedule. Will not apply toward an English major. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

FILM 215 Introduction to Film Literature (4)
An introduction to the basic techniques of film expression leading to a study of film genres. Intended to broaden the students' critical appreciation of literature and to encourage responsible, mature criteria for judging film literature. Will not apply toward an English major. (Course fees apply.)

ENGL 257 The African-American Experience (Or ENGL 357)  (4)
Study of major contemporary African-American writers in their cultural and historical context. Credit will not be allowed for more than one of the following courses: ENGL 257 or ENGL 357 or HIST 357. Offered odd years only.

FILM 312 Development of Film Literature (4)
Survey of the development of film literature throughout the twentieth century, with emphasis on the relationships among technology, film techniques, and cultural history. Either ENGL 312 or ENGL 315 will apply as an elective on an English major.  Prerequisite: ENGL 215 or qualifying exam. Offered even years only. (Course fees apply.)

ENGL 313 Image and Text (4)
An exploration of ways in which literature and visual culture mirror the complexities of human existence and meaning. Course components include exploration of various communication methods. Writing, sketching, pictograms, graphic novels, illuminated manuscripts, and icons. Students will read literature focusing on images and the imagination. Prerequisite: General Studies humanities. Will apply as an elective on the English major.

FILM 315 Genre Film Literature (4)
Study of selected films with emphasis on criticism of film form or socio-cultural expression. Either ENGL 312 or ENGL 315 will apply as an elective for an English major. Prerequisite: ENGL 215 or qualifying exam.  Offered odd years only. (Course fees apply.)

ENGL 316 Literature of the American West (4)
A study of traditional and contemporary writing set in the American West, including the work of explorers, pioneers, mythmakers, and contemporary writers. Emphasis on the history of the western environment as recorded in literature.  Prerequisite: General Studies Literature. Will apply as an elective on an English major.  Offered even years only.

ENGL 317 Pacific Northwest Writers (4)
Study of contemporary writing by Northwesterners, including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Will apply toward General Studies. Prerequisite: General Studies literature. Will apply as an elective on an English major. Offered odd years only.

ENGL 360 Shakespeare at Ashland  (2)
Study of four Shakespeare plays (typically one tragedy, one or two comedies, one history play). Students read the plays and write two-page essays on each beforehand and then attend lectures/discussions and performances of the plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, Ore.) in August. A paper is required, due in early September. Prerequisites: ENGL 234 and ENGL 210, 211, 212 or permission of instructor.

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