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Student Resources

Student Resources

New to the CommLang department? Check out the degrees we offer, or contact a faculty member to learn more about our fantastic programs. Already a student here? Scroll down to see the latest colloquium events, internship postings, and job opportunities


Lots of Colloquium Credit Opportunities This Week! 
Get colloquium credit for as many of the following events in WWU's peacekeeping week as you attend:

  • I Am Not Your Negro Documentary and Discussion - Tues, Jan. 16, 7:30 PM. ADM 117
  • Onions, Wine, and Immigrants Panel Discussion - Thurs, Jan 18, 6 PM, Library Reference Room
  • Practical Peacekeeping Panel Discussion - Sat. Jan 20, 10:30 AM, CTC 105

Other events this week offer worship and CommUnity credit! View the full Peacekeeping Week calendar of events at this link.


BANFF Film Festival Tour 2018

January 24, 2018

Visit the website


About Colloquium Credit

Every communications major needs four colloquium credits to graduate. A colloquium is also a great way to learn more about your career of choice, and to meet professionals working in that field.

To earn one colloquium credit:

  1. Attend a colloquium (choose from the list above, or propose another idea to Dr. C)
  2. Submit a colloquium report form online within 48 hours (remember, no report, no credit)

The Center for Evangelism - Virtual Work Intern

 The Center for Evangelism is a digital marketing agency for church, schools, and ministry, working alongside departments at the General Conference to spread the Gospel online. They would like for students to have a glimpse of what virtual work is like, so they are developing an internship program that allows students to work from their own location, on their own time. They have availabilities for graphic designers, writers, social media strategists, web developers, and SEO specialists.

Contact: Felecia Datus
Manager, Special Projects | Details


Fort Walla Walla Museum: Videography Intern

The Videographer Intern will work with museum staff to create 3-4 short, high quality informational videos relating to museum exhibits/artifacts for web publication.

Contact: James Payne |  Details


Tangent Media Group: Film/Media Internship

Tangent Media Group is seeking talented and motivated interns to add to assist in development and production of new multi-media and film projects. Interns will be responsible for the creation of inspiring and informative motion-projects within current software. The right candidate will be involved in many different projects, offering support and ideas, and working in a team with colleagues from other departments. This part-time internship is an excellent opportunity for a student aspiring to work in the arts, film production, and more.

Contact: Tangent Media Group |  Details


Loma Linda University: Creative Media Intern - Available Every Summer

Work directly with Carl Canwell, the director of Creative Media in the Office of Enrollment at LLU. Creative Media Interns produce videos for potential students, and work in all aspects of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production. Loma Linda offers a paid internship at $11/hour, and also provides free housing within walking distance of the office, and a round-trip plane ticket to southern California. Send your resume to Carl Canwell to apply.

Contact: Carl Canwell |  Website


Blue Mountain Television: Production Intern - Flexible Dates

Blue Mountain Television has ongoing opportunities for production interns interested in a variety of jobs such as DVD authoring, Social Media, Promos, TV show Production, and marketing. Blue Mountain is looking for interns with Skills in Photoshop, Premiere, Encore, After Effects. Camera work would be helpful as well, though it isn't required. If interested, inquire about what kind of positions are currently available.

Contact: Lowell Mann  |  (509) 529-9149  |  Website


Walla Walla Village Church Television Ministries: Intern Editor - Flexible Dates

The Walla Walla Village Church has ongoing opportunities for a paid intern to edit church service recordings and create DVDs. Work must be done on site at the church. Applicants should be familiar with Photoshop, Encore, Premiere, and Publisher. Vegas and DVD architect are also available if preferred. Prospective interns should also be comfortable moving files on a windows machine, and network.

Contact: Lowell Mann  |  (509) 946-1725  |  Website


Internships for ACA Students While Studying Abroad
ACA offers volunteer internships for students studying abroad. Get real work experience in your language of choice, and earn academic credit for your time.


Missionary Internship in Hong Kong: Ask for next available dates

The intern's primary task will be to raise awareness of missionaries to China and their needs to an audience that has little understanding of China today. Interns should impress Western audiences of the need for prayer and financial support in Chinese missions. The job will include writing for newsletter's letter campaign's and more, social-media posts, editing reports from indigenous teams on the front lines, etc. Interns will also travel in China, and help with public speaking, videography and other tasks for the Chinese Union office team.

Contact: Audrey Folkenberg  |


ANR Group Inc. - 2017-2018: Multiple Internships Available -  School Year and Summer

ANR Group Inc. is a recruiting company based in Richland, Washington. They are currently accepting internship applications for the 2017-2018 School Year and Summer Session at the Hanford Site. All internships are paid and allow students to obtain real world experience in their field of study! Find a list of intern qualifications here (communications is listed in the "Business" section).

Contact: Jeromy Stallings, Internship Program Coordinator  |  (509) 946-1725  |  Website

Below are potential jobs, internships, or other opportunities for graduating CommLang students in their chosen field.


Carolina Conference Communication - Communication Intern

Summary: The communication intern works with the communication director and associate to accomplish video, print and web communication for the Carolina Conference, specifically for the age range of 15-30. This is a two-year position, with the requirement that the applicant have completed their undergraduate degree within the past five years.

The intern will shoot and edit video footage and perform the technical tasks related to production and post-production, including transport, set up, and operation of equipment. The intern will also write and edit content for an e-newsletter as well as manage websites and social media.


  • Experience in video production and editing
  • Experience or proficiency in news writing
  • Experience in social media
  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related field (or equivalent experience)


Rebecca Carpenter |

Click here for more information about this position.



Adventist Colleges Abroad

Adventist Colleges Abroad provides a unique opportunity for you to travel, study abroad, and earn college credit through Walla Walla University.  If you decide to major or minor in one of the languages we offer, you will spend time abroad with ACA as a part of your degree program.  Depending on your language of study, ACA schools are located in:

                -Cologne, France- FRENCH

                -Sagunto, Spain- SPANISH

                -Entre Rios, Argentina- SPANISH

                -Bogenhofen, Austria - GERMAN

                -Möckern, Germany- GERMAN

Students who wish to minor in Portuguese, Italian, or Arabic can participate in a year-long study abroad program to complete a minor in these languages.

Every year, WWU sends 30-40 students abroad with ACA.  Our students come back excited about their experiences and ready to share. 

More Information

ACA Advisors: Jean-Paul Grimaud and Alma Alfaro

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the required coursework for each degree, Communication majors need to complete a senior project before graduating, and language majors need to complete their exit exams to show proficiency in their language of choice. There are also a few more requirements. Ask your advisor if you have questions about any of the items below.


Communication Major Requirements:


Language Major Requirements:

NCA Legacy Scholarship

The NCA Legacy Scholarship is a program aimed at supporting Communication students in their academic endeavors!

“The NCA Legacy Scholarship seeks to broaden the Communication discipline’s relevance to various publics by providing a $1,000 scholarship to a local college student pursuing a degree in Communication, Journalism, or related program within the host city/region where the NCA Annual Convention is being held.”
Learn More


Off-Campus Study Programs

2017 Travel Video Contest




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