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Life Without Borders


International Communication

Our International Communication program combines communication skills and language studies into a dynamic discipline that prepares you for international service in business, in diplomatic relations, and in non-governmental organizations that serve others. You’ll choose to specialize in either French or Spanish, study communications and languages at WWW, and also complete an international internship to complement your study of language, culture, and communications.

Want to learn more? Read our four-year class plan. Don't know which language would be best for you? Find more info on our French and Spanish Studies pages. Not sure which language course is best for your level? Our placement tests can help. Want to know more about studying abroad? Look at our info on Adventist Colleges Abroad. More questions? Look at some info on  areas of service, job outlook, and median earnings in the field. And contact international communication teacher, Jean-Paul Grimaud, or department chair Linda Crumley.




Last update on October 4, 2017