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Minor in Film/TV Production

Works well with areas of study such as business, marketing, graphics, English and history.  Develop great documentaries that inspire audiences and move them to action.  Learn the power of visual communication to tell your story online in your social media community.  You'll develop your skills on the latest HD digital equipment in a working film/television and audio recording studio.

Minor Requirements

A student minoring in film and television production must complete 30 quarter hours:

COMM 235Intro to Filmmaking4 credits
JOUR 201Screenwriting3 credits
COMM 201Preproduction1 credit
COMM 303Production and Cinematography4 credits
COMM 304Video Editing and Compositing4 credits
DRMA 364Directing I3 credits
DRMA 365Directing II3 credits
Electives8 credits


 Academic Advisor: Jerry Hartman

Last update on September 25, 2017