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Adventist Colleges Abroad

Adventist Colleges Abroad provides a unique opportunity for you to travel, study abroad, and earn college credit through Walla Walla University.  If you decide to major or minor in one of the languages we offer, you will spend time abroad with ACA as a part of your degree program.  Depending on your language of study, ACA schools are located in:

                -Collognes, France- FRENCH

                -Sagunto, Spain- SPANISH

                -Entre Rios, Argentina- SPANISH

                -Bogenhofen, Austria - GERMAN

                -Möckern, Germany- GERMAN

Students who wish to minor in Portuguese, Italian, or Arabic can participate in a year-long study abroad program to complete a minor in these languages.

Every year, WWU sends 30-40 students abroad with ACA.  Our students come back excited about their experiences and ready to share. 

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ACA Advisors: Jean-Paul Grimaud and Alma Alfaro

Last update on August 28, 2018