Language Learning Resources

Classes and Tutoring


Student Development Center

The Student Development Center (SDC) offers peer tutoring on a broad range of subjects for anyone interested, including Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Greek. For Spanish and French tutoring, visit the Modern Languages page. For Hebrew and Greek tutoring, visit the Biblical Languages page.

Spanish/French Teaching Assistants

Our Spanish and French TAs offer dedicated tutoring time each week for language students, per the requirements of the Spanish and French classes. This gives students the benefit of one-on-one practice sessions to familiarize themselves with the nuances of their chosen language, to receive feedback on progress, and to practice smooth conversation. 

Spanish and French TAs may also be available for students who are not enrolled in language classes for those who wish to learn Spanish or French more independently. Keep in mind, enrolled students are prioritized, and for the best learning experience, we recommend that you take the courses officially.

Language Lab - KRH 215

Our department has a lab dedicated entirely to our language students.  Our language lab is more than another study room. It's about language immersion and interaction.  In this lab you can study with fellow students, take advantage of computers with language software, and use videos, books and magazines in the language of your choice to enhance your language skills in a different way. 

Which class should I take?

Students with little or no previous language study should enroll in French 101, Spanish 101, or German 101.  These are introductory courses, so previous experience  in the languages is not required. If you already have strong French, Spanish, or German language skills, you can earn college credit for what you already know by taking a CLEP (College Level Examination Program) test.  


Taking the CLEP test allows you to test out of some of the lower level language courses. Passing this test allows you to start in a higher level language class, and to receive college credit for classes below your entry level.  CLEP tests may not be repeated, and must be taken prior to your completion of a total of 45 quarter hours of university credit.


Spanish Examination Scores:

40-44: Credit for 4 quarter hours in level 101
45-49: Credit for 8 quarter hours in levels 101 and 102
50+: Credit for 12 quarter hours in levels 101, 102, 103

French Examination Scores:

44-48: Credit for 4 quarter hours in level 101
49-53: Credit for 8 quarter hours in levels 101 and 102
54+: Credit for 12 quarter hours in levels 101, 102, 103

Our Counseling and Testing center offers the CLEP test, but you must register on the College Board website.  Contact Counseling and Testing Services to schedule a test time at (509)527-2147.