A colloquium is a departmental event held to provide students with learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Students in attendance will hear perspectives from industry professionals, alumni, and experts in various communication-related fields. Every major is required to attend a certain number of colloquia in order to complete their graduation requirements:

Digital Media and Design 0 Colloquia
Film, TV, and Media 6 Colloquia
Global Communication 4 Colloquia
Music Production 0 Colloquia
Pre-Speech Language Pathology 3 Colloquia
Spanish Studies 3 Colloquia
Strategic Communication 6 Colloquia



About Colloquium

Our department aims to offer at least 3 colloquia events per quarter to give students the best chance at fitting at least one per quarter into their schedule. When attending a colloquium event, students within the department of communication and languages will learn about the different fields within the department and some of the amazing accomplishments and opportunities for people in their desired field of work. 

If you have an idea for a colloquium event, let us know by contacting Dr. Crumley! 


How To Earn Credit

In order to earn credit for attending a colloquium event, students must write a 300 word report on the event and send it to within 48 hours of the event. Be sure to include: 

  • Your name
  • Your WWU ID number
  • The date of the event
  • The name of the presentation and/or presenter
  • A discussion of what you learned from the event, such as what was spoken about, two things you learned, how this new knowledge will help you in the future, most memorable parts of the event, if the event was useful/enjoyable or not, etc.