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New to the CommLang department? Check out the degrees we offer, or contact a faculty member to learn more about our fantastic programs. Already a student here? Scroll down to see the latest colloquium events, internship postings, and job opportunities

Colloquium events

Every communication major needs six colloquium credits to graduate. A colloquium is also a great way to learn more about your career of choice, and to meet professionals working in that field.

View a list of upcoming colloquium events.

To earn one colloquium credit:

  1. Attend a colloquium (choose from the list above, or propose another idea to Dr. C)
  2. Submit a colloquium report form online within 48 hours (remember, no report, no credit)
  3. To see how many colloquium credits you have, check your degree audit in PeopleSoft Student Center. Credits are updated at the end of every quarter.

Credits not matching up with your records? Get in contact with us.

Opportunities for Communication and Languages majors

Looking for an internship? A job? Opportunities to use what you're learning in class?

Language resources

Wrapping your mind around a new language can be challenging. But we don't want you struggle through it alone. Instead, connect with us in our Language Lab, meet tutors at the student development center, and get credit for what you already know with CLEP tests.

Find more language resources.

Adventist Colleges Abroad

Adventist Colleges Abroad provides a unique opportunity for you to travel, study abroad, and earn college credit through Walla Walla University.  If you decide to major or minor in one of the languages we offer, you will spend time abroad with ACA as a part of your degree program. Students who wish to minor in PortugueseItalian, or Arabic can participate in a year-long study abroad program to complete a minor in these languages.

Every year, WWU sends 30-40 students abroad with ACA.  Our students come back excited about their experiences and ready to share. 

Learn more about studying with ACA.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to the required coursework for each degree, Communication majors need to complete a senior project before graduating, and language majors need to complete their exit exams to show proficiency in their language of choice. 

Learn more about graduation requirements.

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