Student Resources

As a student of Walla Walla University, we want to ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed. Below are links to resources you will need throughout your degree.



Click here for a list and descriptions of department majors and minors.


Nu Zeta

Walla Walla University is home to the Nu Zeta chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the official honor society of the National Communication Association. The name Lambda Pi Eta, comes from the Greek alphabet and is derived from the three elements of persuasion as described by Aristotle in Rhetoric. Logos (Lambda), for logic; pathos (Pi), in reference to emotion; and ethos (Eta), meaning character credibility and ethics. All of these ideas being essential elements of communication. The society provides an excellent chance to get to know classmates and faculty members better than in the classroom. Members of Lambda Pi Eta stay in the club after graduating, which offers opportunities for professional advancement and networking within the greater community of communication. 



Senior Projects

Click here for the requirements and examples of senior projects. Senior projects are a graduation requirement and an opportunity for seniors to practically showcase their skills and knowledge aquired at WWU.


Language Learning Resources

Wrapping your mind around a new language can be challenging. But we don't want you struggle through it alone. Instead, connect with us in our Language Lab, meet tutors at the student development center, and get credit for what you already know with CLEP tests.

Find more language resources.


Senior Exit Exams

Graduating language students must complete an exit exam for their chosen language. This includes spoken and written components as well as a presentation in their language. In some cases, the presentation is a full event, where other students are encouraged to attend and support language majors’ final exams.



Click here for off-campus, full time job listings.



Completion of 120 internship hours is required for graduation. Internships offer you a safe environment to learn the ropes of your field, to get a taste of the real work environment before you leave school. It’s a safety net where you’re free to learn by doing, make mistakes, and test your strengths before entering the workforce. Click here for more information about internships and job opportunities.


Degree Audit

The degree audit is a list of required and suggested classes based on the academic requirements of your major. It is updated regularly to give you a good idea of your progress.

To access your degree audit:

  1. Sign in to your MyWWU account
  2. Go to PeopleSoft Student Center Classic
  3. Click on “My Academics”
  4. Select “View My Degree Audit"



Click here to view colloquia requirements for your major. Colloquia are required extracurricular learning opportunities involving guest speakers from various fields of work. This a great way to learn more about your career of choice and to meet professionals working in your field.


EQ Checkout

EQ (Equipment) Checkout Equipment is a program through which students and community members may reserve Film/TV gear for relevant projects. Students enrolled in communication programs may reserve the equipment for free. There is a rental fee for non-student rental of WWU film equipment. Check out our wide selection of professional gear for your next project!

To rent equipment, contact Matt Webster at



Adventist Colleges Abroad

Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) provides a unique opportunity for you to travel, study abroad, and earn college credit through Walla Walla University.  If you decide to major or minor in one of the languages we offer, you will spend time abroad with ACA as a part of your degree program. Students who wish to minor in FrenchPortugueseItalianArabic, or Mandarin (currently unavailable) can participate in a year-long study abroad program to complete a minor in these languages.

Every year, WWU sends 30-40 students abroad with ACA.  Our students come back excited about their experiences and ready to share. 

Learn more about studying with ACA.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to the required coursework for each degree, Communication majors need to complete a senior project before graduating, and language majors need to complete their exit exams to show proficiency in their language of choice. 


Student Timeline


As a freshman attending Walla Walla University, we would like to help you “jump” into the college experience. One of the ways we do that is by providing JumpStart. JumpStart is a week long freshman orientation to help familiarize you with the campus, faculty and staff, and fellow classmates. JumpStart is a requirement for all incoming freshmen. Enrolling in and attending JumpStart also gets a credit under your belt without even putting in any actual classwork.

Every freshman is connected with a mentor, a community member with college experience. You will meet with your mentor for weekly half-hour sessions throughout the year (and as needed). Mentors offer academic, social, emotional, and spiritual support to their group of mentees. 

Freshman year is all about finding your professional passion. The rest of your college experience will be about turning that passion into a career. You may already know what you want to do as a career when you set foot on campus, but if you don’t know exactly what major to declare, that’s okay too! The modern university experience gives you the opportunity to take time and explore what major is the perfect fit.


By now, you should be getting fully acclimated to the university experience. During your sophomore year, it’s ideal to hone in on a major if you haven’t already, and focus on getting your general classes out of the way in order to prepare for your junior and senior year, when you can really start to focus on your passions.


Junior year is when college life really gets exciting. Not only do you start to focus more on your particular field of study, you also get to start applying for internships and planning your senior project. 

Still looking for a major that’s right for you? Don’t worry! Your advisor will help, and many students choose to take a fifth year for exactly this reason. Incidentally, CommLang is a great place for those of us who aren’t quite sure where they fit. The broad skill sets taught in this department will set you up for a job in almost any field or prepare you for the job you know you want. 

You’ll want to start planning your career so that your internship and senior project will match your interests. Remember, it’s never too early to start thinking about your internship, and you can always take more than one.


If you’re a senior or super-senior, this is probably your last year of undergraduate education. Not only will you be finishing up classes and working on your senior project, you’ll also intern at a real-world company, working on a project that will boost the beginning of your career, if you haven’t already. 

This year, it’s important to keep in touch with your advisor, keep an eye on your degree audit, and keep a finger on the pulse of your grades to ensure that graduation goes smoothly. 

Department Faculty and Staff

Nancy Semotiuk - Department Chair, Strategic Communication

Kiersten Ekkens - Administrative Assistant

Jerry Hartman - Film, TV, and Media 

Linda Crumley - Global Communication

Lynelle Ellis - Film, TV, and Media

Alma Alfaro - Spanish

Jerry Entze - Academic Advisement, Drama, Curriculum and JumpStart Coordinator

Aidan Hinshaw - Adjunct Professor

Jean-Paul Grimaud - French, Global Communication, ACA Program 

Matt Webster - Production Manager for the Center for Media Ministry