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Internships are considered part of the academic learning process communication and languages majors at Walla Walla University. An experiential learning experience is a great way to develop specific skills and knowledge, as well as make contacts and build confidence. Employers often assess the skills and abilities of prospective employees by evaluating their previous experiences. If you pursue career-related opportunities prior to graduation, you will have an edge over other candidates in a competitive job market. 

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Writer (SonBridge)
Posted September, 2020


This position will build on your passion and expertise in storytelling, writing, journalism, photography, and web applications. Work approximately 10 hours per week with flexible work hours and days.  See (For Work Study, MUST BE A WASHINGTON STATE RESIDENT TO APPLY. Schedule an appointment with Heidi Lindstrom to get a letter of eligibility.)

Essential Job Functions/Duties
The Writer will work with staff to create 3-4 short, high-quality stories each week for web, email, print, and social media publication sharing the mission, needs, and events of the organization. 

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