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Welcome to Spanish

If you like connecting with people and learning about how they live - their music, their art, their life experiences; if you are fascinated with travel, expanding your perspective and helping others; and if you are intrigued by how words are translated and how sentences are structured, then language study is for you.

If you love working with people, understanding cultural differences, helping others share ideas clearly, then a Spanish major may be a good choice for you. Since Spanish is the second language spoken in America, a Spanish major will better equip you to compete in a tight job market. You will have the confidence to work across cultures and to understand, interpret, and translate messages in professional settings. Students often consider language as a second major, enhancing study in medicine, law, education, engineering, nursing, or social work. Look at the degree requirements to learn more.

  • Not sure which Spanish course to take first? Our placement tests can help.
  • More questions? Contact the Spanish Studies adviser, Alma Alfaro.
Last update on August 28, 2018