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Language Minors

A language minor makes you more marketable to employers, enhances your cognitive abilities, and broadens your world. As business markets enlarge their global reach, employers are seeking people who can speak a second language fluently. Employees with language abilities earn an average of 2 to 4 percent more than their single-language counterparts. A second language develops your understand of and appreciation for cultural differences and communication styles. Plus, you get to study abroad for a quarter or more.

Minors available through WWU

*Minors in Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Italian are available only through a one-year ACA study program. Without prior language experience, students taking these minors should plan to spend an entire school year in residence at the ACA school to develop proficiency in the chosen language. All course work for a minor in these languages must be completed while in residence at the ACA school. See the ACA adviser for more information.

French, German, or Spanish Minor Requirements

A student minoring in French, German, or Spanish must complete 28 quarter hours beyond FREN 103; GRMN 103; or SPAN 103; 8 quarter hours must be upper division. Eight hours of intermediate-level language is required. Approval of the academic adviser is required.

After one year of language study at the university level or two years at the high school level, language minors are required to spend a minimum of one quarter of study abroad at an Adventist College Abroad affiliate school. Summer quarters do not qualify. ACA courses will be counted towards residency.

Last update on August 29, 2018