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Career Opportunities in Global Communication

General Areas of Service
Many Global Communication students go on to work as an international affairs specialist for one of several departments, including the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture and even the Department of Energy. Many Global Communication degree holders also find jobs in the Agency for International Development and the Central Intelligence Agency. Working for the government can be great because there are many opportunities to advance in your field as well as the knowledge that you will gain and be able to take with you to future positions.

If working for the government is not for you, think about using your Global Communication degree to find a job in the private sector. Many non-profits seek Program Officers to facilitate international professional exchanges which have been funded by government grants. Others organizations, such as ADRA, are looking for people to send abroad to facilitate humanitarian aid. Many students also work as translators or interpreters and Foreign Service Agents.

The communications field can be a great avenue for Global Communication degree holders. Many political campaigns hire recent graduates who have a Global Communication degree because of the insight that that person can bring to the table. Also, most large communication companies are beginning to go global and they recognize the need to hire people with experience in the global communication realm.

Job Outlook
Employment possibilities for graduates in Global Communication exist in business, government, electronic and print journalism, teaching and private international service (e.g., U.N. Association, Red Cross, etc.). Students completing a degree find it excellent preparation for entry into highly competitive programs of advanced study or work abroad in areas of special interest or knowledge.  Students who participate in international internships, such as those offered through our department, are exceptionally competitive when they graduate.

Median Earnings – United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics
*Interpreter or Translator: $43,300

*International Relations Specialist: $57,550

*FBI or CIA Agent: $60,910 - $97,870 (depending on level, experience, etc.)

Sources of Additional Information
* United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Academic Advisor: Jerry Hartman

Last update on June 28, 2018