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Life Without Borders

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Global Communication integrates knowledge of communication with a French or Spanish specialization, a minor in an area of the student's choosing, language study abroad, and an international internship to provide a solid foundation of experience in international communication. Graduates are prepared for careers as communication specialists in international and intercultural organizations such as global business, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charitable or religious organizations, foundations, media outlets, and international missions.

  • Want to learn more? Read the Global Communication course requirements to get an idea of what classes you'd take.
  • Don't know which language would be best for you? Find more info on our French and Spanish Studies pages.
  • Not sure which language course is best for your level? Our placement tests can help!

Need information not listed above? Contact international communication professor Jean-Paul Grimaud, or department chair Linda Potter Crumley.

Last update on August 28, 2018