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Fun French Facts

  • For centuries French as been and still is one of the most important world languages. Along with English, it is considered the premiere language on International Olympic Committee. In addition to the European countries of France, Switzerland and Belgium,
  • French is spoken in numerous African countries, Caribbean islands and other places that the French colonized. France played an important role in the exploration and colonization of North America; in fact, the U.S. bought one third of its territory from France (the Louisiana Purchase). The influence of the French language and culture is still strong in many places in this continent, most notably in Louisiana and Quebec.
  • English has borrowed heavily from French. This fact not only makes learning French easier, but also mans that studying French will give you a broader understanding of the English language and a richer vocabulary.
  • French is not only a useful language to know, it is considered to be very beautiful by many people. Since it belongs to the Romance language family, knowing French will make it easier to learn other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian or Portuguese when you decide to further your language studies.
  • Whether you are going into business, communication, law or international relations, or many other fields, French will be a strong asset to you. our close ties to Canada are making French even more important here in North America, and French is the lingua franca in many nations around the globe.
  • Start this fall at WWC and continue at Collonges in France. Ski the Alps, visit Paris, travel Europe, and bring back the best souvenir possible: Fluency in French!
Last update on June 5, 2018