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The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare

February 25, 27, 28, March 4 and 6, 1999


Time:               Tam Adams

Ashley Engel Ottman

Jennifer Brazille

Archidamus, A Lady of Bohemia                   Heather Chappell

Camillo, A Lord of Sicilia                  Daniel Perrin

Polixenes, King of Bohemia               Brian Elvin

Leontes, King of Sicilia                      Jason Chamberlin

Hermione, Queen to Leontes              Shannon Ford

Mamillius, Young Prince of Sicilia                Ashley Engel Ottman

Paulina                        Kim Eley

Antigonus                   Rudy Scott

Cleomenes                   Ophelia Nelson

A Lord            Grant Flaiz

A Lady in Waiting                  Rachel Pappenfus

Old Shepard, reputed father of Perdita                       Jon Hilde

Clown, his son            Claude Chappell

Autolycus, a rogue                  Tim Dunston

Florizel, Prince of Behemia                Tregg Rustad

Perdita, daughter to Leontes and Hermione               Kristin Smith

Dorcas and Mopsa, Shepherdess                    Cindy Gall

Ophelia Nelson

Production Staff:

Producer                      Gary Wimer

Director                       Kimberly Howard

Assistant Director                   Nathan Nelson

Production Manager                Aimee Ellison

Stage Manager                        Jerry Entze

Stage Crew                 Holly Shivner

Props Master               Amber White

Costumes Designer/Costumer             Andrea Rodenberg

Costume Crew            Amber White

Lighting Designer                   Gary Wimer

Lighting Technician                Brian Bell

Scenic Designer                      Mark Kuntz

Lead Carpenters                      Jason Chamberlin

Mark Kuntz

Construction Crew                  Brian Bell

Amber White

Heather Eick

Sarah Stanley

Ophelia Nelson

Emily Ashlock

Jennifer Brazille

Jonny Hayasaka

Tam Adams

Katie Jones

Kurt Drechsel

Jennifer Slawson

Garret Green

Gary Wimer

Aimee Ellison

Jamie Lund

Scenic Artist               Martha Mason

Assistant Scenic Artist                        Sarah Stanley

Paint Crew                  Brian Bell

Emily Ashlock

Jonny Hayasaka

Kurt Drechsel

Amber White

Gary Wimer

Tara Jeske

Aimee Ellison

Holly Shivner

Jamie Lund

Technical Services Coordinator                     Rudy Scott

Photographer               Matt Heinrich

House Manager                       Jamie Lund

Public Relations Director                   Emily Ashlock

Staff                Holly Shivner

Tara Jeske

Poster Design              Chris Drake

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