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Festival of the One Acts 2013

The Spot by Steven Dietz

Director: Joshua Haddock

Roger: Jennifer Landaverde
Chumley: Andrew Woodruff
Wagner: Jaclyn Archer
Nelson: Elisa Westman
Betty: Elliot LaPlante
Gloria: Brooklyn Larson

Trifles by Susan Claspell

Director: Estee Pummel

Mr. Henderson, County Attorney: Jerad Booth
Mr. Peters, County Sheriff: Sean Longfellow
Mr. Hale, Local Farmer: Kyle McCluskey
Mrs. Peters, Sheriff's Wife: Rachel Scribner
Mrs. Hale, Farmer's Wife: Kayla Albrecht

Hat Trick by Alisha Lang

Director: Mitchell Kessler

Morgan the Magician: Richard Wallace

A Time of Green by Anna Stillaman

Director: Randall Lutz

Brooke: Madeleine Boyson
Chuck: Kenton Gonzalez
Picard: Rory Ross

The Romancers by Edward Rostand

Director: Sabrina Tym

Bergamin: Dustin Harter
Pasquinot: Carlton Henkes
Sylvette: Faye Celestino
Percinet: Colin Pummel
Straforel: Brandon Price
Minion #1: Charles Oroko


Executive Producer- David Crawford

Stage Manager: Sandra Hickethier
Lighting: Dustin Harter and David Crawford
Sound: Nicholas Streifling
House Manager: Fawn Fahrer
Poster and Program Design: Bev-Lea Wessels

Special Thanks:

Chris Reeve

Jennifer Landaverde

Emily Forshee

Annelise Tyron

Judith Poirot

Sarah Herbert

Last update on July 21, 2015