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Words, Words, Words

... by David Ives
Directed by Emily Hokett

Three clever monkeys set about to prove the inadvertent virtues of randomness!

Swift - Brandon Richards
Milton - Dan Hudson
Kafka - Shauna Fletcher

On the Dotted Line Howard Reed
Directed by Jerry Entze

A salesman finds himself thrown into the midst of a domestic squabble in this 1930's screwball comedy.

Wilton Brussels - Jason Daub

Bertram Dudley - Willy Logan

Hazel Dudley - Kelsey Harrison

Harold Flandermeyer - Kris Garten

Mrs. Flandermeyer - Ki Vega

Miss Poole - Cari Wilton

Kerby - As Himself

Lend Me A Tenor Ken Ludwig
Directed by Carl Canwell

Max's life is being controlled by two women; his girlfriend, and her mother.

Max - Scotty Ray

Maggie - Allegra Sackett

Saunders - Leah Robinson

One Tennis Shoe Shel Silverstein
Directed by Ryan Struges

A middle-aged couple faces their failing marriage.  One with grim determination, the other with... a tennis shoe.

Harvey - John Campbell

Sylvia - Kelsey Harrison

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