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The Busie-Body

Two young men (George and Charles), in pursuit of two young women (Miranda and Isabinda), must face off with two older men (Sir Francis Grip and Sir Jealous Traffick) determined to bestow the women - and their fortunes - on their own terms. But the biggest obstacle might be their good friend Marplot, who can't keep himself from poking his nose into everybody's business. The course of true love never does run smooth, but this busy body manages to create a few more obstacles that even the resourceful women and clever servants might not be able to overcome.

The Cast

Sir George AiryJohn Campbell
Sir Francis GripeDavid Owens
CharlesJacob Brassington
Sir Jealous Traffick    Tyler Anderson
MarplotRyan Sturges
WhisperCarl Canwell
MirandaAshley Farnsworth
IsabindaEmily Hokett
PatchKelsey Harrison
ScentwellLaura Henderson
InsolentLandon Schnabel
ServeallRachael Westbrooks
ShoutMark Vend Herrel
Mr. TackumJ. Naldrew Fabenham, III

Last update on August 1, 2016