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Accidental Death of an Anarchist

During questioning by the police, a railway worker falls to his death from the multi-story police HQ.  The government says it was an accident but there is a public outcry.  The Superintendent and Inspector responsible are awaiting the arrival of an Investigating Judge but get more than they bargained for when a lunatic escapes and impersonates him.


Bertozzo--Richard Wallace

Maniac--Scotty Ray

First Police Officer--Ashley Coggins

Turtleneck Inspector—Luke Chilson

Commissioner--David Crawford

Second Police Officer--Andrew Sell

Journalist--Desiree Danielson

Magistrate—Jim Bock


 Director & producer Marilynn Loveless

Technical director Rudy Scott

Stage manager Jerry Entze

Sound design & board operator Peter Hollister

Light design Brian Hatley & Andrew Jabola

Light board operator Andrew Jabola

Set design Kevin Loomer

Set construction Rudy Scott, Martin Scott, Jerry

Entze, Phillip Wheeler

Costume design Dawn Forbes

Hair & makeup design Gary Larson

House manager Emily Hokett

Properties Philip Wheeler

Playbill editor Andrew Cockerham

Playbill cover artwork Anne Bullock

Poster/ticket design Bradley Nelson

Box office Sandra Clarke

Show photography Eric Ashley & Alex Rittenbach

Show videography Courtney Rasmussen

Other crew Jason Panasuk, Annalisa Ham,

"Accidental Death of An Anarchist" May 2007

Direction--Marilynn Loveless

Costume Design--Dawn Forbes

Make-up & Hair Design--Gary Larson

Stage Management--Jerry Entze

Last update on April 5, 2019