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Mystery College Theater


DirectorsLance Ivy and Tyler Webster
WritersLance Ivy and Tyler Webster
ProducersMarilynn Loveless and Luann Venden
Technical DirectorAlex English
Technical AdvisorRudy Scott
Stage ManagerMelissa King
Lighting DesignRudy Scott
Set DesignLance Ivy and Tyler Webster
Sound Board Operator     Peter Hollister
House ManagersAmy Muthersbaugh and Richard Wallace
Publicity & MarketingLance Ivy and Tyler Webster
Playbill EditorJeremy Vetter
Playbill DesignJennifer Waters
Playbill Cover ArtTom Emmerson
Playbill Cover DesignJennifer Waters
Poster DesignJennifer Waters
Box OfficeJohn Campbell, Courtni Mundy, Sandra Clark


Lance Ivy
Tyler Webster

Last update on April 5, 2019