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Festival of the Actors 2006


Box OfficeJohn Campbell
House Manager, Concessions     Marilynn Loveless
Sound/LightingPeter Hollister
PlaybillAmy Muthersbaugh


"Being, Nothingness, and the Nash Papyrus" by Andrew Cockerham

Saul     John Campbell
IgorJoe Jenks

"The Fan" by Jerry Entze

JohnMichael Rhynus
Harold Steinway     Ryan Sturges

"Drinks" by Amy Muthersbaugh

Tova     Montana Conley
LoriAnnalisa Ham
 Brandon Castillo

"A Streetcar and Desire" by Anika Clark

Alfred     Shelby Spencer
GenaDesiree Danielson

"Have Yourself a Coke" by Jeremy Reed

SamJeremy Reed
Igor     Joseph Radelfinger

"Forbidden Feelings" by Amy Muthersbaugh

Marcella Petrucci
Boris Brajnikoff

"One Flung Over the Cuckoo's Nest" by Jeremy Vetter

Jazz Musician     Jeremy Vetter

"Assignment III: Candid Conversations" by Bryan Brashear

ZachJerry Entze
JanniceAnika Clark
GirlfriendMelissa King
Boyfriend     Scotty Ray

"Which Witch?" by John Campbell

The Witch     Mindy Vixie

"A Streetcar and Desire, Part Two" by Shelby Spencer

Alfred     Shelby Spencer
GenaDesiree Danielson

"Sentence" by John Campbell

Jessica Becca Flaiz

"Flirt" by John Campbell

GirlMontana Nelson
Boy     Kip Coleman

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