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Father of the Bride

by Caroline Franke

directed by Jackie Ravine and Eric Van Santen

December 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, 1997


Mr. Banks            Claude Chappell

Kay Banks            Christina Plantier

Mrs. Banks          Melody Harmon

Tommy Banks    Jon Betlinski

Ben Banks           Jason Chamberlin

Buckley Dunstan               Ryan Carroll

Mr. Massoula    Grant Flaiz

Joe         Nate Wiss

Bellamy Wally Lyder

Delilah  Serrina Douglas

Peggy Swift         Adina Tapu

Buzz Taylor         Eric Van Santen

Red        Joe Gottschall

Pete      Chad Mundy

Mrs. Pulitzki        Sarah Kramer

Tim's Man           Jimmy Estes

Production Staff:

Artistic Director Jackie Ravine

Technical Director            Eric Van Santen

General Manager             Kimberly Howard

Stage Manager  Gary Wimer

Wardrobe Director          Andrea Rodenberg

Lighting Nathan Nelson

Props Mistress  Kelly Peterson

Wardrobe Assistant        Bianca Sanborn

Wardrobe/Props Assistant           Shannon Ford

Running Crew    Jerrold W. Hartman

Production Assistant       Doug Quast

House Manager Aaron Heinrich

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