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An Evening With John Steinbeck

Featuring three new plays adapted for the stage by Jerry Entze

The Breakfast

A deserted road in the farmland of the Salinas Valley.

The Cast:

ManJason Daub
WomenDarcy Sturges
Younger Man     Landon Sell
Older ManCarl Canwell

The Chrysanthemums

The yard of a ranch house in the Salinas Valley.

The Cast:

Elisa AllenAnnalisa Ham
PeddlerJason Daub
Henry Allen     Courtney Rasmussen

The Leader of the People

A ranch house near the Santa Lucia Mountains.

The Cast:

Jody Tiflin

Joseph Radelfinger

Carl TiflinCarl Canwell
Mrs. TiflinKelsey Harrison
Grandfather     Andrew Sell
Linda TiflinDarcy Sturges
Billy BuckJacob Brassington

The Raid

The outskirts of a small town in central California.

The Cast:

Root     Dan Hudson
DickRyan Sturges
ManTyler Morgan
TomThomas Freeman

Tyler Anderson

Jacob Brassington
Carl Canwell
Jason Daub
Jerry Entze
Landon Sell

Last update on August 1, 2016